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 The Sad Tale of the Player Formerly Known as Arthur Pendragon

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PostSubject: The Sad Tale of the Player Formerly Known as Arthur Pendragon   Sat Feb 14 2015, 09:30

Many moons ago there was a player (and I use the term loosely) named Arthur Pendragon who was in FoH. But Arthur was not well liked and soon left to "find a league that cared about it's members" and landed at Templar Assassins. Arthur is also a very lazy player. Rather than learning to raid like we do, he simply sieges the 10 closest castles to him and raids them all daily.

So of course I spy these castles because they're 1. in my neighborhood and 2. have some real resources. But alas, AP took offense at this and claimed they were "his" seiges and that they shouldn't be touched "or else." Well of course that wasn't going to stop yours truly and so I simply carried on.

So about six weeks ago, another younger member had a similar experience. AP not only told her to cease and desist but preceded to bad mouth our league and attempted to recruit that member from us.

That was a mistake....

So I and half a dozen other local members spied and raided every one of his fifes that evening. Of course this threw him into a frenzy and he claimed he'd attack me and fireball me and all sorts of nasty things that he isn't capable of pulling off IF he ever left TA. Then he took his case to the Marshall and after talking with us their Marshall agreed that he should learn how to raid and stop being a whiner.

TA Marshall asked Storzini, "If I kick him, your guys will eat him alive won't they?"

Storzini replied with a wry smile, "Yeah, they will..."

And so AP was booted from TA... LOL

With no friends of his own he decided to change his name to Chila Spillbane and found his own little league called Knights Round Table where he is the Marshall. Now he, along with 9 of his Alts, and one other former FoH member that we recently kicked out for underperformance, have banded together to form the 566th ranked league with ZERO influence.

Freed from the shackles of our previous league treaties, I decided to pay him a visit today and begin aggressive diplomacy (treaty in one hand, sword in other) with his new league. Following is a photo collage of the operation that I hope you'll enjoy.

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The Sad Tale of the Player Formerly Known as Arthur Pendragon
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