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 The Rulebook

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PostSubject: The Rulebook   Sat Jan 24 2015, 03:17

Below is a list of ground rules of for each individual segment of the game. These rules apply to all FoH leagues, aswell as leagues that have entered our alliance by agreeing to the terms&conditions presented. If you do not follow them, you will be excluded from your league. No matter what someone tells you, what is written here is law, so do not let anyone tell you otherwise. If you are unsure about a particular rule, search for it below or ask a captain to direct you towards it.

We operate on a zero-tolerance basis, meaning if you break a rule, you will be issued a warning and kindly asked to never break that rule again. Should you repeat your mistake, you will be immediately kicked out of the league!

That being said, let's get on to the rules.

1)No foul language or verbal harassment.
Pretty straightforward rule. Respect your team mates and opponents alike, don't trash talk them, threaten them, etc. If another player has started with foul language or harassment against you and you only responded to it, you will be asked to provide evidence in the form of a screenshot or copy of a letter. Failure to proove that you were not the one who started it will lead to exclusion from the league.

2)No attacks on castles and settlements of leagues we have a status with.
An attack on a settlement or castle owned by any league that we have "At Peace" or "Ally" status with, is strictly forbidden! We see "At Peace" and "Ally" statuses as one and the same. Our true allies are listed below. If someone from a league we have a status with attacks you, defend and/or call for a wall if you wish, then message a captain and he will talk to the marshal of that league. Do NOT send raids back at your attacker until one of the captains talks to their marshal and investigates the matter. Castles and settlements of all leagues that we don't have a status with can be raided and sieged. To check our current "At Peace" and "Ally" statuses with other leagues, go to "Embassy" and select "My league", then find the "Diplomacy" tab, which has 2 flags as a picture. To check if we have a status with the league of a player you want to attack, simply click on their league emblem, below their castle.

List of our official allies:
-FoH, FoH 2, FoH 3 and The Academy FoH are all allies among eachother by default
-The Knights Templar 1, 2, 3 and Templar Assassins
-Bilskirnir 1 & 2

3)Sieges are fair game, but siege harassment is not.
The first thing you need to take note of is that your sieges can be attacked at all times, by everyone, except our sister leagues(FoH, FoH 2, FoH 3 and The Academy FoH). But this works the other way around too, meaning you can also attack sieges of all leagues, except our sister leagues. As an act of good sportmanship, please write a letter and ask permission prior to raiding a siege of a player from a league we have a status with(At Peace or Allied). If a player from a league we have a status with sends you a letter prior to raiding your siege, no harm is done - people in the same area simply have to share the available resources. If someone who is NOT from a league we have a status with starts writing you, because you are attacking his sieges, simply point him towards the rules or tell him, he can attack yours too, if he wants to try his luck.
What is not allowed however, is excessively raiding someone's sieges, not for resources, but just to annoy them. That is considered harassment and unless you give a legitimate reason for your actions, you will be kicked!

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PostSubject: Re: The Rulebook   Mon Feb 02 2015, 17:39

i still think that we should make a clear deffirance between allied leagues and leagues that we are at peace with the way i see itt is that when you are an ally with someone you help eachother outfor example:if you have a side quest for taking a settelment of some kind and collecting once and you found a KT member having such settelement you can ask him to hand it to you just for the quest and then returning it. a few times back when i had my scroll bank i had some members send me their extra scrolls.
whether we attack seiges and settelments for league members we are at peace with is still unclear to me, i do prefer if the peace in this case is exclusive only to the players castle.
if someone that we are at peice with wants to become allies (we cant attack his settelments and seiges) he'll have to show us jestures of good well (send a scroll as a gift, helps out a league member, deffend us against enemy leagues...).
if what i'm saying here is approved i can handle this matter by sending out league message asking our members to report to me any act of kindness from leagues that we are allied or at peace with and i'll report to storzini.
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PostSubject: Re: The Rulebook   Sun Feb 08 2015, 01:34

The leagues we are allies with currently are listed above, it was the only way to make it clear. Peace and ally statuses differ between FoH leagues and also peace is worth more than an ally status technically, so I simplified it by regarding peace and ally statuses as one and the same. I decided to do this, because FOH 2 for example is at peace with Knight's Templar and FoH 1 is allies, but we all know KT are our allies. There is no difference between the statuses really, as we shouldn't be attacking treatied players castles and settlements anyway and sieges are fair game for all. Currently, the only leagues we consider our allies are KT, Bilskirnir and ofcourse our sister leagues. Making sieges off-limits for allies is too much work and the amount of mail we would be getting because of mistakes would be huge, so I think the rules above are the easiest and most simple way of handling things.

In short:
->Ally/At Peace status - no attacking castles or settlements
->Sieges and everyone else is free game for all
->List of our allies is above and I will post it on league's main site - those are the leagues we help eachoter with
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PostSubject: Re: The Rulebook   

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The Rulebook
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