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 A Roftie Conversation

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PostSubject: A Roftie Conversation   Thu Jan 22 2015, 10:36

A Roftie Conversation.


Roftie (lvl 71), a member of Kings of Camelot, attacked my good buddy (one of my 6 personal allies, a Fist of Honor leaguemate, and a 4-castle-away neighbor) Brasshere (lvl 57) with a 100 Dark Dragon attack.
29 of those dragons died, so there were a heavy amount of defensive losses.

-My first impulse was to send my entire offense at Roftie's castle.  Then I thought...KoC...Storzini might get upset.
-My second impulse was to Liberate all his sieges. Then I thought...KoC...Storzini might get upset.
-My third impulse was to was to...well...i dont want to reveal that, but ...KoC...Storzini might get upset.

So I went to the eagle nest and found a brand new Gold Town that was occupied by Roftie...and i captured and released (i didnt want the town, I just didnt want Roftie to have it).

I repeated this everytime he took it for about 6 hours.   eventually i received a message...I ignored it...waited 8 more hours and repeated the tactic.

----Begin Conversation----

[08:37] roftie : is there a problem??

[16:16] roftie : what is your problem??

[16:20] tjstriker : What was yours?  Brasshere is a leaguemate.  You hit him with 100 dark dragons outside of PVP?  for what?

I did not go with my first, second, or third impulse, just wanted to let you know, it did not go unnoticed.

[16:21] roftie : firstly he is inactive and secondly why not just say something to me about it

[16:22] roftie : that was a resource raid not a points raid

[16:24] tjstriker : ask yourself this....would you be ok with someone resource-raiding your leaguemate while your troops are in the castle?

[16:33] roftie : so why not just send me a mail and ask me about it?? if that did happen to me id send a mail like the onne i sent you asking if there was a problem i wont just take setts and drop it again

[16:41] tjstriker : I'm not the best politician.
I would ask that you refrain from attacking Fist of Honor members.
Regardless of a long absence, they are still under the flag.

Please resource raid elsewhere and I will Settle Elsewhere

----End of Conversation----

And thats my policy...there should be no "raid for resources" against a Fist still flying the Fist of Honor Flag.  It is not for a KoC member to decide when a Fist is inactive enough to be raided.  If Fist of Honor leadership feels a member has been inactive without pre-authorization, well...we boot em...and the Flag comes down.  Thats when a Fist becomes raid bait...when they are no longer a Fist.   Not Before
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PostSubject: Re: A Roftie Conversation   Sat Feb 14 2015, 10:22

Hear Hear!
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A Roftie Conversation
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