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 K1509 and Otis again

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PostSubject: K1509 and Otis again   Sat Jan 17 2015, 15:12

I visit K1509 every 3 days now. I don't want his alter to ever hit level 4.

But today...(and note: today i couldn't go for resources, but i went anyway)

I was BG'ing as the that competition has commenced and I collected a large offense, went negative food production and needed to lose about 53 wyverns to get back positive. So I paused BG'ing and visited K1509 for Otis.

But this time...

I caught his offense after an attack return.. and wiped them out! Just about all of them!
I think...unless K1509 spends a bunch of money...he is no longer a threat to Otis.

Didn't quite get out of the negative food per hour...but i'm going back to BG'ing now.
As a Bonus...I got 1711 PVP.

HAHAHA! For Otis!!!

take a gander
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K1509 and Otis again
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